Constrained jitter

A brief review of dot plot jitter methods and a study of one example from a Nature article.

Scented candle reviews

I collected new data to take a closer look at the scented-candle/Covid19 relationship and found a new connection not related to smell.

All but significant trends

Fitted lines are useful as first order approximations, but it’s often useful to look a little deeper. In the process of exploring a paper’s time trends, I found an unexpected data processing issue.

Warming stripes by latitude

Trying to adapt the warming stripes graphic with latitude bands, with a detour to import NetCDF data on an equally-spaced global grid.

Deep Wordle

Like many programmers, I’ve had fun writing code to explore optimal guessing strategies for the online game Wordle. How many guesses are needed for any starting word?

8 panels of scatterplots with spline smoothers

Regression with a ranged interval variable

How reproducible are studies with shared data? I collect one more data point in a quest for the answer, and make a side exploration into a linear regression conundrum.

Case study on wide scales

Five alternatives to a broken axis scale for data visualization’s wide scale problem, and a broken line chart tip.


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