Welcome to Raw Data Studies

Welcome to my new blog of my visual explorations of data! Some say raw data doesn’t exist, so you can think of “raw” as applying to the studies rather than the data if that helps. But in practice, part of doing these studies is tracking down the form of raw data behind a published graph. Sometimes I try to make a better graph with the same message, and sometimes I explore other aspects of the data and make graphs with different messages.

I’ve been doing these studies for years on Twitter, but I’m finding the convenience of short tweets or even tweet threads is outweighed by having enough context to my results. Though this post marks the official debut of this blog, I’ve back-filled it with content by expanding previous tweet threads.

Below is a collage of graphs I tweeted in 2019.

I’m Xan Gregg, by the way. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress blogging options, so please let me know if you see something awry. You can DM me on Twitter until I figure out the blog contact form option.

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